Several associations of words, colors and sounds will appear. You have only to choose for each couple if they fit together…

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The approach : why such a special experiment?

Special because of its accessibility : both sighted and blind people can take part in the survey.
Special also because it is online and that way is rarely used in scientific context. This is a bit maverick approach because this project is a cooperation between an artist and a scietist. You can contact us if you are curious to know our current investigations and the next steps!

The investigation : why studying multisory perception of color?

Multisensory is always present in our conscious experience of colors. Other sens than sight could interact when we observe colors. With our online survey, you could test your own sens. It's your turn, there is no good or bad answer: your feelings built its!

The online survey : how does it work?

To take part in our project, you only need the Flashmedia Player. If you don't, you can download it here. Then just follow the path…